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Recently, I moved into an apartment in Paris and discovered that the key to the mailbox was having problems opening up. After a few weeks, the mailbox key was blocked. Awesome! No matter what I tried (graphite powder and aerosol included), after a few days I was unable to receive my mail.

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Locked Mailbox Door Opening

For a closed mailbox lock where you have lost the keys or the stolen keychain, it is necessary to drill the cylinder to open the door and change the lock.

Opening a locked mailbox lock

The door of the mailbox can be blocked either because of the cylinder, the threshing machine (cam) or even the key which does not work anymore.

How to open a mailbox lock without any movable deterioration

Fans who open their mailbox door by breaking it completely do no economy: it is important to open a mailbox lock door without degrading the box: for the economy of a locksmith

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Replacing a Cylinder on a Mailbox If you find that locking your letterbox is becoming more difficult to open, you may want to consider using a locksmith to install a new lock before your current lock. does not work anymore. You do not have to completely change your mailbox. You will receive new keys that match the new lock. Another reason you can ask a locksmith to replace a lock on a mailbox is if that mailbox had already been used by other people. Some people neglect to take into account the amount of personal information they have in their mail and do not think about changing the keys of their lock. However, it could mean the difference between fighting for your identity and not worrying at all. Asking a locksmith to reconfigure a lock is a quick and inexpensive solution. This is well worth the effort and the minimal costs of protecting yourself from those who wish to take back your identity and use it as theirs.